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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Science Lesson 1: Introduction to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Tena Koutou 10SG,

Today is out first science lesson of the year. Our mahi for term 1 will be a project looking at the insane and scary ways human are destroying the ocean. The same ocean that Aotearoa is in. The aims of this unit of work are:
  • To open our eyes to the way humanity is damaging our moana, waters ways, rivers, and oceans. Investigate the level of pollution by identifying  facts, statistics, research and the impact to humans and marine life, if plastics clog up the ocean and enter the food chain.
  • Look for ways in which we can make a change in the future. Identify and explain solutions to the problem. 
Remember - All humans are responsible for this massive environmental issue. We could all be 'agents of change' to make this world a better place.

Activity 1) Identify the problem. What is the Great Pacific Patch?

Watch this clip to get familiar with this massive environmental disaster.

Now have a look at the issue in more detail. Click the link below and look at, watch, and read each item on our class website on the great pacific garbage patch.
Year 10 Homeroom website

Now you have become familiar with this environmental disaster, comment on it. Add a comment at the bottom of this blog post and answer the following questions:

What do you think about the pacific garbage patch?
List 3 shocking statistics of facts about the pacific garbage patch
Next, tweet your favorite or most shocking statistic.

Activity 2) Sign up and begin our WISE project on the Pacific Garbage Patch

(Only do this if you havent signed up via your emails)

WISE stands for Web-based Inquiry Science Environment,

It is a program set up by the University of California for high school students. Sign up to the WISE project here

Our class access code is Python939

Begin the project and work through the activities at your own pace. Remember to save and submit the answers as you go.

Activity 3) Exit Ticket (a way of checking out of the lesson)

The last task for this science lesson is to complete the Exit Ticket sentences and write/post them on your blog. This is a way of showing evidence of your learning for the lesson. (You could show your family this at home).

Exit Ticket questions:

Today in science we learnt about... 

Three things I learnt about this are... (pick your most interesting one and tweet it too!)

One thing I would like to know more about the Pacific Garbage patch is...

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