Year 10 Tarawera High School

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Outsiders - Lesson 2

In your book write out and finish the following sentences

A social clique is...

A gang is...

(You can use the Internet to search these terms).

Can you think of how this relates to Kawerau? Write down some cliques and gangs that you know of in this town.

Next we need to learn some of the vocabulary that is used in the first chapter so we can understand what we will be reading. You should have all accepted my email invitation to Quizlet. Now click on the following link to complete the vocab activities

Spend 15 minutes going over each of the activities - Flash card, Learn, speller before choosing the test option to test how much you have learnt

Our next step is to get into reading the first chapter. To do this we need to go to our Year 10 Homeroom page Click here. You have the option of either reading the book without any audio of reading the book with audio.
Click here for the text (you can also save this to your google drive once you have it open)

Once you have got through chapter one then you can work through the reading comprehension activities for this chapter in your booklets.

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