Year 10 Tarawera High School

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Health Lesson 4) Assertiveness


Today your goal is to know what assertiveness, but also learn how to be assertive.

Assertiveness is being true to yourself, your values and speaking your mind.

Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and 

confident without being aggressive.

Passive / Aggressive / Assertive - What is the difference?

Being passive is when you accept or allow something to happen or do what others want 

without an active response or putting up any resistance. 

Think of times when you see someone do something they do not want to but do it anyway 

because of peer pressure.

Being aggressive is when a person is likely to attack or confront someone. Behaving or 

doing it in a determined and forceful way.

Assertiveness means standing up for your personal rights - expressing thoughts, feelings 

and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways.

By being assertive, we should always respect the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of other 


How do you be assertive?

When you need to be assertive with someone you communicate through your body posture, eye contact, firm voice, clearly say what you want, such as 'NO, YES, STOP, GO 'etc.

Think of one situation when you need to be assertive.

Write you answer on the Padlet - Being Assertive Padlet Click Here

You have tow tasks for today. Task one is a group task using the iPad's, and the second task is an individual reflection task to be done before the end of the lesson.

Task 1) Group activity - Making a movie on being assertive

In your groups, you will  need at least 3 actors, a camera person and a director. Some of you can do two different roles. 

You will be given a scenario and you need three people to act out the scenario. You may want to write a script first. You will have 30 minutes to complete the activity.

Task 2) Individual reflection

Now that you know about being assertive, think about why that is important in sexual situations. Think about what it means to be sexually passive, sexually aggressive and sexually assertive.

Create a table like this in you notes and complete the fill in the boxes.

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