Year 10 Tarawera High School

Monday, August 31, 2015

Literacy - Monday 31 August

Warm up:

You may choose any of the interactive Vocabulary and Grammar activities of your choice.  Spend no more than 30 mins ONLY on these activities.

Year 10 Reading Challenge:
This reading challenge is on-going - You need to have selected your reading text that interest you and will help you complete any of your chosen 3 reading assessments.  See below for these activities or find them on our Year 10 website.

Focus:  Breakdown of reading challenge and character description 

Vocabulary and Grammar activities -

Grammar Bytes - 30 mins

Before beginning any activity, first read the directions and accompanying handouts to help you complete the exercises.

Comma, splices and fused sentences
Word Choice


Pronoun Agreement
Pronoun Case
Pronoun Reference
Subject-Verb Agreement

Irregular verbs
Parallel structure
Misplaced & dangling modifiers

Year 10 Reading Challenge                    
Your challenge is to stretch your reading muscles by reading a little and often – every day in fact.  Choose things to read that interest you and which you understand.

A “book” could include short stories, poetry, articles, fiction and non-fiction.  The activities you complete will be marked using Achieved, Merit or Excellence and must be finished by the end of the term. Your overall mark will be an average of your top four marks. As much as you can, try and do these activities digitally (using your Chromebook).

Identifying and explaining
Construct a timeline relating to one of your books – it might chart a character’s life or the plot of the story etc.
Make a poster which could be used in a bookshop window to promote your book.
Construct a web page/blog to tell an Internet audience about one of your books.
Pretend you are a character from a book you have read.  Write a  diary entry (150-200 words) about a challenge you faced. Include what happened and your reactions.
Choose a key incident from a book you have read.  Write a short script to create a short movie about this incident.
Create a storyboard to retell your favourite incident in one of your books.  (Like a cartoon strip for planning a film scene.)

Write a review of one of your books suitable for publishing on your online blog (150-200 words)
Write a letter (150-200 words) to a friend telling them about this fantastic book you have just read and explaining why you think they might enjoy it too.
Create a short oral presentation (1-2 minutes) in which you tell people about one of your books and explain why you think it was worth reading. This can be done as a podcast and shared via your blog.

  • Choose  activities from the grid to present your ideas about some of the books you are reading this term.  Make sure you include the name and author of the book you have chosen  to focus on for each activity.
  • You must choose an activity from each of the categories (Identifying and explaining; Creating; and Evaluating).
  • That is 3 activities, and you must choose a fourth activity from any of the activities that you have not done already. Therefore by the end of the term, you will have done a total of 4 activities.
  • You can only use one book for a maximum of 2 activities.

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