Year 10 Tarawera High School

Monday, August 24, 2015

Literacy - Week 6

Our literacy for the remainder of Term 3 will involve two different warm-up activities (creative writing and grammar activities) and a Year 10 reading challenge with 3 assessments (due in at the end).  So, each week you will complete one warm up activity and the ongoing Year 10 Reading challenge.

This week - WEEK 6 - every student is required to complete creative writing task - picture of the day and begin your Year 10 reading challenge.  Following are links and details for both activities:

Picture of the day - creative writing activity

Year 10 Reading Challenge - you must choose text that is suitable for your level of reading ability.  The text must be able to assist you in completing the three assessments required by due date TBC.  Reading material to consider:
  • literature novels, short stories, articles, fiction, non-fiction, journals
  • Register to writing apps - Wattpat, fanfiction, A03 - Archive of our own

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