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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sexuality Education Lesson 2)

Sexuality Education Lesson 2)

Read the down this post and follow the instructions as you go.

Learning Intention for today:

1. Students will know that to understand the sex in a person’s life, it means to understand sexuality in a holistic way.

2. Students will know that everyone’s sexual journey is different.

Starter activity -

  1. Open their Student Sex Ed lesson notes doc. It will be in your google drive in the classroom folder. 

  1. Set up the following heading - Lesson Two - The Road - 5/8/15

Task 1) Class expectations Padlets

Open this Google slides presentation to full-screen. Read over each Padlet and see if there are similarities between each one. You will be asked about this.

Take a screen shot of your favorite Padlet and insert the image into your  Student Sex Ed lesson notes doc.

Now open this presentation. It is an introduction about today's lesson. Read along and be ready to discuss what the presentation says.

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