Year 10 Tarawera High School

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Whanau time - Thursday 13/8

Defence careers bus visit next Wednesday - who wants to go?

Maori Health and Science as a career: guest speaker next Tuesday - who wants to go?

On Friday, we will be checking to see the progress of your work. If you are not meeting the deadlines, you will be moved down into the appropriate group on the Year 10 License Board.

Below are the requirements:

Numeracy: You need to have sufficient evidence of your learning (either digitally or in your books)

Literacy: You need to have finished your BOY booklet before the end of Friday. You will need all of the information in your booklet to help you with your assessment that begins on Monday next week.

  • Fertile and key questions completed
  • Planner complete, outlining what you intend on doing each week
  • Interviews planned, and either done or in the process of being done.
  • Survey created, and sent out (Have you considered the best ways to get as many responses as possible?)
  • At least 2 secondary sources collected and processed. 

Current Events: 
The activity for today needs to be complete on your blog


Your blog needs to be going and it needs to be on the list of blogs on the side of our Year 10 blog. If it isn't, please send your blog address to

Are you tweeting out your learning? Show us evidence that you are doing this on your twitter account.

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