Year 10 Tarawera High School

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Literacy - Thursday 17th and Friday 18th September

Week 9 Literacy
If you didn’t fill in the literacy challenge google form last week, please fill it out -  literacy challenge google form (click here).  This informs us where you are at for your literacy reading challenge.  Once you have completed this you may continue with your literacy mahi:

  • Picture of the day - (warm up)
  • Language activities
  • Reading challenge

Picture of the Day 30-40 mins

This is a writing activity to encourage writing mileage and creativity using a chosen ‘picture of the day’.  This writing task should only take you about 30-40 minutes, completing it on your own blog.  You MUST write a total of between 150 - 200 words only.  
Copy and paste the image and prompt (sentence starter) to your blog and start writing...
Steps to follow:

  • Writing challenge!
  • Question time!
  • Success criteria checklist

  • Writing challenge!
OPTIONAL:  Use this prompt below to help you with writing your own creative writing paragraph.  Refer to the questions further down to help you with writing ideas…

Life is what it is….captured through the living lens of a majestical camera, a world of thrilling excitement unfolds....

  • Question time!

Who do you think the money belongs to?
What consequences may occur?
Does this look like a bank robbery, lottery win, inheritance?
How do you think the story will end?
When will he stop smiling?

  • Self evaluation success criteria checklist

Success Criteria

include an exciting opening to ‘hook’ the reader

include a problem and a resolution.

include dialogue

use powerful verbs, adverbs and adjectives when describing the main character and setting.

build up tension and suspense.

include similes and metaphors when describing.

Language Activities  20 mins

Vocabulary and Grammar activities

Grammar Bytes

Before beginning any activity, first read the directions and accompanying handouts to help you complete the exercises.

Comma, splices and fused sentences
Word Choice


Pronoun Agreement
Pronoun Case
Pronoun Reference
Subject-Verb Agreement

Irregular verbs
Parallel structure
Misplaced & dangling modifiers

Reading Challenge  On-going
The reading challenge assessment has been shared with everyone from google classrooms.  If you have not opened this yet, find someone who can help you.  Please highlight your 3 chosen assessments on your reading challenge grid, see below:
Continue with your reading and your task/s you have selected

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