Year 10 Tarawera High School

Monday, October 12, 2015

Inquiry: It's a small world - Monday 12th October

The theme for this terms inquiry is "It's a small world". That means that you can choose a topic that has anything to do with the world. Think about some issues around the world at the moment that would interest you.....

This term you may also work in a group of two or three. You can also choose to work by yourself if you want.

Another difference with this terms inquiry is that your presentation will be in the form of some type of video.

Next steps:

1) Decide who you are going to work with.

2. One person per group will need to complete the following steps:
  • Click on the following link. This will open the template. It's a Small World Inquiry Template
  • You will need to make your own copy
  • Rename the document "It's a small world inquiry (Names of your group)"
  • Share the document with the others in your group, as well as all of Mr Reid, Mr Gibson, and Ms Tuhoro. You will need to give your group and the teachers editing rights to the document.
3. Brainstorm with your group all of the possible topics you may be interested in. 
4. Choose your fertile question.
5. Fill out the form below:

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