Year 10 Tarawera High School

Monday, October 12, 2015

Literacy - Monday 12th October

For literacy today you will continue with your Year 10 Reading Challenge - before you continue, please go back and check that you have followed through and completed your activities properly.

Here is a checklist reminder:

  • Make sure you include the name and author of the book you have chosen  to focus on for each activity.
  • You must choose an activity from each of the categories (Identifying and explaining; Creating; and Evaluating).  By the end of the term, you will have done a total of 3 activities.
  • You can only use one book for a maximum of 2 activities.
Mahi for the rest of the term - Below is a schedule outlined, we will be writing speeches (persuasive) and team debating.

Year 10 Literacy - Term 4

# Lessons
Due date
Weeks 1, 2 & 3
Complete reading challenge
Friday 30th October
Weeks 4 & 5
Speech writing (persuasive)
Friday 13th November
Week 6
Speech presentation
Friday 20th November
Week 7 & 8
Friday 4 Dec
Week 9
Debating finals
Activity week

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