Year 10 Tarawera High School

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sexual Education L1 Term 4


Background info:

Sex comes at different stages during peoples’ sexual journey. When it’s time ideally it
is a wanted and pleasurable experience and both partners are prepared and ready to
handle any unintended consequences. 

In the Youth 2007 survey, involving around 9000 secondary school students, 38% of
males and 35% of females reported they had had sexual intercourse.

Task 1) 

On your own blog, create a new blog with the following heading:

Sexual Education Lesson 1 Term 4)

The background information above into the post

Task 2) Mix in match of terms and definitions

In pairs try to match up the terms with the correct definitions. Once you have them correct, type each term and its definition into your blog post. This is evidence of the key learnings for today.

Task 3)

Scenario Cards - Sexual Identity, Sexual Orientation and Sexual Behaviour?

In pairs, discuss and decide if each scenario is either, Sexual Identity, Sexual Orientation or Sexual Behaviour?

Once you have decided, compare your answers to another group.

Take a screen shot and share it with those in your group. Upload the screen shot on to your blog.

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