Year 10 Tarawera High School

Monday, November 02, 2015

e-asTTle Tests - Monday 2nd November & Friday 6th November

This week we will be administering our end of the year (EoY) e-asTTle testing. You will be each completing x2 online tests - reading and maths, and x1 written test - writing.  Here is a test schedule for the week:

  • Monday - Block 1 - 9.30-10.30 Writing test
  • Monday - Block 3 - 1.40-2.40 Reading test
  • Friday - Block 2 - 11.30-12.30 Maths test

To access the online Reading and Maths tests, you will need to login to the e-asTTle website, Click here to log in to e-asTTle student login, then enter your username and password.  If you don’t remember any of your login details or you don’t have any, please see Ms Tuhoro.

Note:  Please allow yourself full use of test time and organise your login prior to the test starting.  See me as soon as you can, no later than 5 mins before test starts, to sort your login details...ka pai

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