Year 10 Tarawera High School

Monday, November 02, 2015

Inquiry: It's a small world for the week beginning 2nd of November

This week you should continue to collaborate with your group and work through your inquiry template.
By the end of the week you should have:
  • Chosen your fertile question
  • Chosen you key questions
  • Completed your interviews - think about some experts on your topic. Strive to interview them (if they are overseas, then email them, try to organise a Google Hangout for your interview).
  • Sorted out your surveys - How are you going to get this out to as many people as possible? Aim for at least 100 responses this term.
  • Collect all of your secondary sources
Next week you will need to start writing your report.
  • Important: If you haven't had any/many responses to your interviews or surveys, approach some other people. You need to get this information as soon as you can.

Use the links throughout your document (in blue) to view the instructions. 

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