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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Literacy - Week 6

Literacy for Week 6

Please make sure you have chosen your topic choice by filling in this google form.  Click here to fill in the form - What is your persuasive writing topic?


Our literacy for weeks 4 to 6 we will be focusing on persuasive writing.  Click here to watch a video on what you need to know about persuasive writing.  

Writing your persuasive writing speech - Steps 1 to 5 will guide you to writing your own persuasive writing speech.  You are required to self-direct and manage your own learning through each of these areas.  Here is an overview of the 5 steps:

  1. Types of speech writing
  2. Choosing a topic
  3. Using a mindmap to help organise your ideas
  4. Writing your speech
  5. Check list

Once your speech is written, completed and proofread, it will then be assessed.  Your assessment will be a audio video recording of you delivering your speech.  It is not expected of you to physically deliver your speech in front of an audience, unless you choose to.

Time limit:  Your speech must be 3 minutes or more, no less


Completed by:




What types of speech writing are there?  
(google form quiz)

Trying to think what to write about?  Click here to choose a topic

Found your interested topic?  start gathering your ideas, facts, evidence to either support or oppose your argument…..Use this mind map to help organise your topic ideas and evidence.  Click here to use mind map

How to write your speech?  The following template and example will guide you to help structure your speech, preparing you for your speech presentation  Click here to help you with speech structure and view the example  

Checklist in completing your persuasive speech assessment:

  • Introduction to persuasive speech
  • Choose an interesting topic
  • Collecting evidence and facts for your topic
  • Look at the correct structure/outline of your speech
  • Proof read/check your speech with a mate
  • Preparing your speech for presentation

Ask a mate to proof-read your speech, then start practicing for your speech presentation...
Friday 6 November


Friday 20 November



Speech presentation...assessment time!

For your speech assessment you will need to video record your final proof read speech.  You may use your own phone devices or the school i-pads, ensuring your speech presentation meets these criteria:

Practicing for your speech presentation.  This is a huge commitment for some people where a lot of confidence and practice is required.  Click here to help you with speech presentation.

Friday 27 November

Here are some links to help you structure your ‘Persuasive Writing’ speech

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